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Amelia Wallin: Speculative Everything


10 Nov 2014


"Speculative Everything is concerned with the disruption of history, the collapse of chronology, the restaging of the past and the endless, speculative possibilities that this creates. Bringing together new work by Andrew Hazewinkel, Stella Rosa McDonald, nova Milne and SLUSH, Speculative Everything merges, repeats and reinterprets popular and forgotten histories.

Through a combination of archival documents, repurposed materials, restaged actions and remembered texts, each artist inhabits and confounds the linear structures of time and narrative. Taking the art historical canon as their cue, the artists speculate on the relation between the present and the past, the contemporary and the historical, the original and the imagined.

Also present is a concern with materiality. Actions of performance and endurance are retraced through film, narrative and residual traces; each reinterpreted by new materials. In Speculative Everything temporal and spatial boundaries give way to dialogue between history and the present. The imprecise, impossible and the implausible are rendered in real time." [Firstdraft Exhibition Summary]

Speculative Everything
Andrew Hazewinkel, Stella Rosa McDonald, nova Milne and SLUSH
Curated by Amelia Wallin
22 October–14 November 2014
Firstdraft, Sydney

Interview: Nick Garner


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