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Artspace: Everything Falls Apart


03 Sep 2012


Overall, the project focuses on works examining the collapse of ideological and political systems – actual, imagined, desired – be this via specific events or through broader consideration of the dissolution of, or confrontation with, capitalist, colonial, communist or totalitarian regimes. (Exhibition Text)

Co-curator Mark Feary discusses Everything Falls Apart at Artspace, Sydney.


Everything Falls Apart, Part I
Alessandro Balteo Yazbeck & Media Farzin, Jem Cohen, Phil Collins, Sarah Goffman, Sarah Morris

27 June - 5 August 2012
View: Exhibition Page


Everything Falls Apart, Part II
Vernon Ah Kee, Zanny Begg & Oliver Ressler, Jem Cohen, Tony Garifalakis, Merata Mita

10 August - 16 September 2012

View: Exhibition Page


Curated by Mark Feary and Blair French


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