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Benjamin Ducroz: 'Pin'


02 Oct 2010


Pin is a fast paced, stop-motion animation that brings made-made elements into the natural environment, blending them to create a human intervention within a forest. The spinning, stretching and exploding geometric shapes in Pin play on the movement of particles and pixels alike, implying a foundation of construction in both the forest and the image. Skilfully produced using paper, pencils, and digital composition, Pin is a vibrant, dynamic work that provides an immediately engaging investigation of form and movement.


Presenting a fast-paced morphology of the modern artifact-in-transformation underscored by vibrantly lyrical witticisms and impossible perspectives. Benjamin Ducroz creates dynamic single channel videos and animations inspired by forms, patterns, and movement found in nature and the built environment.

Made with a blend of stop motion animation and computer graphics, his fast-paced works have a vibrant choreographic style. Ducroz’s purist emphasis on real objects suffused with a surreal post-architectural explosiveness, unleashes the hyperreal latency of everyday objects and obsolete technologies in a sixty second mediaflash.


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