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Bonnie Lane: Into the Dark


18 Jun 2012


Documentation of Bonnie Lane's 2011 solo exhibition at Bus Projects, Melbourne. Bonnie Lane is a video installation artist born in Melbourne, Australia in 1986. Bonnie is currently an international artist in residence at RAID Projects, in Los Angeles, CA. SEE WORK from the exhibition here: Maybe Tomorrow  Artist Statement: My intimate video installations question our ordinary understandings of time and space, attempting to generate an emotional connection with the audience by creating immersive environments to be ‘stepped into’. My artworks are often all or partly autobiographical, an amalgamation of experiences and memories, dreams and nightmares, fears and fantasies. Fluctuating at times between sinister and transcendental, I aim to draw attention to human absurdity from an existential perspective. Combining horror with the sublime my practice addresses anxiety, fear, loss, memory, and disappointment whilst searching for comfort, connection, and resolution.  

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