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Crisis Complex: Laura McLean and Sumugan Sivanesan


24 Oct 2012


Curators Laura McLean & Sumugan Sivanesan discuss Crisis Complex, a recent exhibition at Tin Sheds Gallery, Sydney. Plus featured artist Takayuki Yamamoto dsicusses his work Telling Your FutureCrisis Complex draws on a global network of artists to address our collective anxieties in an era marked by ecotastraphes, geopolitical antagonism, civic unrest, social fragmentation, and fiscal malaise. Entering the twenty-teens, humans negotiating uncertain futures during a period of spiritual scepticism and political mistrust are nevertheless engaged in a rhetoric of hope. In examining this contradiction Crisis Complex showcases a confusion of ethics and determinism from artists whose practices flourish in the wake of disaster. The exhibition of works on paper, performance, installation, moving image, and social exchange courts critical positions that range from a climate of incapacity to the politics of possibility.

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