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Dr Sophie McIntyre: Politics, Art & Representation


27 Jul 2014


This presentation explores the spatial and relational dynamics of curating exhibitions in an intercultural context by focussing on the meaning and significance of place in a geo-political, cultural, artistic and museological context. Drawing on several exhibitions of contemporary art from the Asia-Pacific region that Dr. McIntyre has (co)curated, the presentation will delve into the politics of cultural representation and it will reflect on some of the challenges and valuable insights gained when curating across and between different cultures and audiences.

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Dr Sophie McIntyre
Politics, Art & Representation: Curatorship in an intercultural context
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art / Curators' Intensive Public Talk
Friday 11 July, 2014

This video is a co-production between Das Platforms and 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.


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