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Hammad Nasar: Archive as Verb


10 Apr 2014


In this special keynote presentation Hammad Nasar discusses recent and ongoing projects that he and his colleagues have developed at the Hong Kong-based Asia Art Archive, one of the world’s leading public collections of primary and secondary source material about contemporary art in Asia.

Hammad addresses the idea of archive as verb: a dynamic process that looks beyond the physical aspects of material culture towards the actions that engagement with archives can enable. How can artists, curators, researchers, educators, students and the broader public generate new ideas, works and individual responses that continually reshape the archive itself? What does it mean to enrich and complicate histories that are told through the archive by means of active engagement?  What are the responsibilities of collecting organisations towards public accessibility, public education and the historical and political implications of facilitating others to challenge dominant global art historical narratives?


TEXT from 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

Archive As Verb
Hammad Nasar, Head Of Research And Programmes, Asia Art Archive
Thursday 3 April 2014
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Sydney

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