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Ian Burns: Too Much is Real / Extended Stage


14 Apr 2014


Inventive New York-based Australian artist, Ian Burns is UTS Gallery’s 2014 Artist-in-Residence. Preoccupied with that revealing moment when we experience the beautiful and the ridiculous at the same time, he creates curious and playful kinetic assemblages that combine mass-produced domestic objects with intricate electronics, sound and light.

Burns has taken over the gallery, using part of it to present his first ever solo exhibition in Sydney, Too Much Is Real and transforming the remainder into an intensive studio space. His residency has culminated in a charismatic new body of work developed especially for the tunnel and its 1853 sandstone bridge. Intertwining unexpected phenomena with a wry mix of new media and nostalgia, the project draws on the atmosphere and history of this overlooked site.

“Extended Stage creates moments of small spectacle around a rare opportunity for the viewer to explore an unusual space, in the end creating a spectacle of the process of investigation itself.”

TEXT from UTS Gallery

Too Much is Real
11 March – 12 April 2014
UTS Gallery, Sydney

Extended Stage
08 – 17 April 2014
Goods Line Tunnel, Ultimo, Sydney

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