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TIME MACHINE: Adnan Chowdhury Lecture


31 Jul 2012


Cinema By/For A Single Consciousness Who Feels a talk by Adnan Chowdhury for TIME MACHINE, presented by Serial Space. "Cinema, for many filmmakers recently, has become the modeling of a single consciousness experiencing. This talk concentrates on three essential aspects of that mimesis using the work of three different filmmakers: the passing of time in Lisandro Alonso’s ‘Los Meurtos,’ the sense of a place and the things in it in Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s ‘Syndromes and a Century,’ and the gaze of a single consciousness in Pedro Costa’s Vanda trilogy. All three filmmakers have had an influence on the making of STONEWORK which is currently showing as part of the festival. "Adnan Chowdhury is a Dhaka and Sydney based artist who works primarily in digital film and photography. His short film, ‘Omission’, won the prestigious Gold Award for 2011 at the Australian Cinematographers Society Awards (NSW). His work concentrates on the instability and distrust of dominant narratives and perspectives that comes from being an highly assimilated outsider. Currently he is in postproduction of his feature length film set in Bangladesh." TIME MACHINE Talks & Discussions  

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