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Hossein Ghaemi


03 Nov 2014


Hossein Ghaemi discusses his work "The Deficient Of Solution Development: Quizzing Makes Remedy" for the 2013 Tiny Stadiums Festival, Erskineville.


"Three warriors rise up from three unique and elevated positions to engage in a combat of sonic ‘questions’ as their weapons. These distinct and powerful voices become sweet remedy for serenity as individual uncertainties melt."

DATES & TIMES November 16 & 23, 2013. 6.00 – 7.00pm
LOCATION Triangle of Erskineville Hotel, Erskineville Town Hall and Allans Cakes building – 104 Erskineville Rd

Tiny Stadiums Festival 2013
13-23 November, Erskineville 
Interview: Nick Garner
Artwork Videography: Sam James


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