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Zhang Rui: One Year


09 Jul 2013


One Year (一年) presents a new collection of paintings by Chinese-born artist Zhang Rui (张 瑞). Having moved to Sydney one year ago, the body of work in One Year portrays Rui's development of a visual language working across the context of her experiences of China and Australia.

The conceptual development of Rui's works indicate a broad cultural practice that encompasses an education in Western oil painting, an ongoing interest in the Wumen School (吳門學校) painters of China and a broader interest in how to express a sense of humanism through painting. Rui's practice reveals the complexity of translating meaning across cultural and geographical distances despite the expanding reach of technology.
Text from http://www.4a.com.au/oneyear-zhangrui/

One Year 一年
Zhang Rui 张 瑞  

28 June – 17 August 2013
4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art

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